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Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars”

Kahlil Gibran


"I had lost my life long partner and soul mate. I was literally killing myself with booze. I thought I had everything a person could want in life, but my life no longer had purpose or meaning. When I first went to see Lynn, I really didn’t believe anyone could help me, I was a total mess. But I was wrong; Lynn listened and sat with me through months of pain, tears, ANGER and chaos. Overtime I gradually came ‘back to life’ and began to face my own demons – I stopped blaming everyone else for my crap. I literally owe my life to Lynn; from the start she was solid as a rock, exactly what I needed. Lynn has a unique way of challenging my bullshit and she has a great sense of humour!

I have worked with Lynn on and off for several years now, when I am tempted to press the ‘self destruct’ button I go to see her and get myself back on track. Lynn you are one in a million. Would I recommend Lynn? 100% YES!" 

"I spent a number of years in sessions with Lynn in her London practice where I learnt more about my negative and destructive relationship with alcohol - Wine mostly.

I had previously spent time with other therapists and whilst they were helpful they did not have the level of knowledge, compassion or skills that Lynn brings to each session and whilst challenging and uncomfortable at times were life changing.

I never felt judged by Lynn no matter what horror stories I was helped to honestly share, and open up about or how ashamed I felt by the guilt and wrong decisions I made when I drank .. and I never felt less of a valuable person either.

Thanks to Lynn over the months my relationship with alcohol and all around me changed and my life improved. 

I cannot thank and recommend Lynn enough - If you want to work with the best and are ready to change your life for the better and for it to be sustainable - Lynn is the person to contact."

"Just wanted to write a few lines to thank you for the professionalism, kindness and guidance you gave me during my sessions with you. You helped me to find the causes, and how to deal with them. You truly are my angel 😇 thank you ❤️😘"

"I started working with Lynn at a difficult time in my life. My marriage had broken up and I was starting to realise I was totally lost. Working with Lynn I came to understand that my ways of thinking and being had not been working for me and that I was (and pretty much always had been) very disassociated from my feelings. Through Lynn's support I felt safe enough to explore what was happening for me and grow in ways I never even really knew I needed to. I learned to listen to myself and find my voice. I learned to take care of myself and communicate with others. This was not an easy process for me but it has enabled me to now live in a way that feels good to me. I have a happy relationship with my partner and have better relationships with people around me. I have love in my life including self love. Since I stopped working with Lynn I have faced difficult issues in my life and what I learned with Lynn has enabled me to live with these in the most positive way I can. My work with Lynn was so huge and meaningful and I recommend her very highly."

"Lynn was recommended by a friend, and I’m really thankful l that I took the leap to get in touch. At the time I felt like a failure, was deep in grief, and I didn’t really want to continue. Working with Lynn has helped me to see the wood for the trees. She has supported me through a challenging year, and has enabled me to gain deeper insight into areas of my life where I have been stuck. Lynn is kind, non judgemental, understanding, and professional. She has provided a safe space for me to explore some difficult parts of my life. I felt relaxed with her from our first session and she has offered the right balance of support, and challenge, to help me start to get my life back on track. I cannot recommend Lynn highly enough."

"I have worked with Lynn for over 18 years, she is an experienced leader, manager and therapist. Her teams are places of joy and efficiency. Her ability to focus with individual clients is brought to team and business settings, enabling people to reach their potential and create positive environments. Lynn has an ability to see the big picture and focus on the detail steps that are needed to reach that vision."

"I have known and worked with Lynn in several capacities since 2007. Lynn is an extremely unique and highly skilled manager, who possess a rare ability to nurture the staff she manages with compassion, loyalty, clinical excellence, guidance and leadership vision, enabling the team she leads to grow and tap into unlocked potential.
She is a true and natural leader in every sense of the word. She has great strength and is able to maintain clarity and guidance in times of crisis. Since being supervised and managed by Lynn, my career has turned corners I never imagined possible, due to her coaching, supervision and encouragement and belief in me.
She is extremely good-humoured and is able to make the working environment a fun and enjoyable place to be, whilst achieving very high standards of work and clinical competence."


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